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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tales of Vesperia PDF Walkthrough updated!

Alright folks, the latest version of the guide is up. It covers everything from the main walkthrough and most of the sidequests. I am currently playing the game all over again to do all possible sidequests. I have mentioned in my last entry that I'll need to reconstruct the guide so it may take a while. I'll try to post another update within a week or so.

You can use the same download links from my previous posts to download this guide. Currently it has 136 pages and is 18.5MB. It covers up to the end of the main walkthrough, including the optional battle with Duke's third form - the Radiant Wing One.

~Paul Vhayste


  1. Awesome! Thank you.

    Are you only missing a few sidequests then?

  2. Just a few. I need to insert those sidequests along the main walkthrough so that the players will know when they can activate or do the sidequest.

  3. I don't mean to be a gammerpoint whore, but will the Walktrhough cover achievements someday? :D

  4. @SunaBouzu: You're welcome :)
    @d3mon: I will just list the achievements for the game. If you want a guide for getting all the achievements, I will refer you to this link:

    I hope that helps you out :)