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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tales of Vesperia PDF walkthrough updated!

Sorry for the 10 day delay. I have already finished reconstructing the whole guide so its pretty organized now. As a bonus, I have taken some time to add more sections.

  • Titles
  • Achievement List
  • Giganto Monsters
  • Cooking and Recipes
I will try to add the artes and materials section if I have time but for now, this is as complete as it can be. You can download the updated guide here. Enjoy!



  1. Great, thank you very much!!!!!!

    You know I'm a new reader and your work is great!!

  2. You're welcome dude. At last I have a few days rest before my next projects.


  3. The walkthrough is very useful.

    Let me add one comment however. On page 138, you state that there is no way to check the exact grade you currently have. This is not true.

    Go to Nam Cobanda Isle and exchange Grade for chips; you will see your current grade score.

  4. I adore your walkthrough! Though, for the one sidequest where you go into the far left of the guild headquarters in Danghrest and talk to person in pink(I believe). I don't seem to be able to do that quest at all and I've tried to find him a bunch of times. I believe you stated he was in the building but I am just unable to find him.