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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Star Ocean: First Departure (PSP) PDF walkthrough released!

It is pretty much skeletal at the moment since there are a lot of switches in the game that needs careful attention. So far it's only 1.5MB and has 16 pages. Don't be fooled though; it covers your first 10-20 hours in the game alone. You can download it here.

Edit: (10/31/2008) Out for the 9 optional characters, you can only recruit 4 - depending on the conditions. I'll try to cover them all so replaying the game 2-3 times is inevitable. Everything is progressing fine but I still got Brothers in Arms and Gears of War 2 distracting me and forcing me to spend 1-2 hours of my daily gaming time. Don't worry, I'll be updating the guide regularly (at least weekly) so keep posted.

Gears of War 2 - First Impressions
I was able to get an advance copy of Gears of War 2. Me and my brother has finished it the other day. It was definitely bigger, badder and of course, longer than the first one. I will list some things to expect in the game and I'll try to prevent too much spoilers. Still, read at your own risk.

- One of the Carmine brothers will return
- Wild Reaver goosechase (High-speed boss battle and escape using Reavers)
- Brumak assault (Brumaks are those large dino-like beasts with fitted weapons)
- New weapons: Yes we know about the flamethrowers, shield and hammerburst. How about a chain gun and a portable artillery launcher?
- Dom finds his wife! Happy ending or sad? You'll find out.
- Anya gets a retouch; she's a lot lovelier now compared to the first game.
- Centaur drive-in: The chance to control one of the Centaur light tanks of the COG.
- The collectibles will be in the form of magazines, artifacts, certain structures and a few COG tags - Razorhail: Falling hail shaped like broken pieces of glass; sharp as hell too!
- New enemies: That freakin mauler can be shot at the feet to bypass the shields!
- The mounted machine guns on vehicles and outposts will overheat but will have forced cooling (In Gears 1, the Troika heavy gatling/chain gun NEVER overheats)
- Sqquadmates can now REVIVE you (I never noticed them doing that all that time while I played Gears 1)
- No more Lambent (exploding) wretches; but new explosive critters will replace them. Fortunately, you can easily kill them from a distance or hit them back for a number of times for an achievement.
- No more berserkers (the blind Locusts that hunts by smell and hearing)
- The Queen's appearance is definitely a surprise!
- Improved weapons: The Hammer of Dawn seems to be more powerful since it can easily destroy large locusts with one, huge burst of energy. And the Lancer is a lot more accurate.
- New bosses and stages that you'll never expect in a Gears game.
- Meat shields are really pretty effective!

Finally the ending message. Its not the exact one but leaves a lot of room for a final, part.

"Can anyone hear me?... This is Adam Fenix... What have you done?"

Overall, the game is a blast. Now I can't wait for Gears 3. There is still too much story to tell. Gears 2 offers the same feeling with little to no modifications with the controls and combat systems but also offers entirely new experience.


  1. aw you're right behind me in the story =/ i'm stuck on trying to find the hidden path in the kings trail area thingy D: well GL finding it o-o btw, thats my wish list too =0 cant wait to play persona 4 T-T

  2. Hehe, no worries mate; the walkthrough is progressing fine. I just spent some time power leveling and training with the Counterfeit Medal trick. I'll try to post something up in the next few days.

    Everything becomes easy when you have high level and great equipment.