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Monday, December 29, 2008

Update: Last Remnant PDF guide release date

Sorry folks, but I have to adjust the release date of my PDF guide. I've been horribly busy these past few days... I can't even reply to some of the emailed questions. I can still promise to have something up before the year ends... I'll try Dec 31st here (GMT +8). I haven't ventured that far in the game's story yet since I am taking care of the sidequests first. Right now I haven't still entered Nagapur but I have cleared almost all of the sidequests available at the moment.

So far, I have uploaded some illustrated maps that you can use as you wait for the main guide; they are not much but will certainly be of good use for those who are just starting in the game.

And one more thing... those friggin' monslayer guild tasks are driving me nuts!?! &$#^&*Q^#@@!

A blessed new year to you all.

Paul Vhayste

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Xmas everyone!

I hope you guys are enjoying the holidays. My christmas is pretty uneventful due to work and such. I even have to work on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Well, at least we got free food and overtime pay.

As for the guides, with only a handful of days remaining before the year ends, I won't be able to release the Persona 4 walkthrough unless I finish Last Remnant. I have started a walkthrough for the game and it is progressing fine. I will be releasing the first version during the weekends.

Thank you for all the readers, guests, fans (if there's any) and subscribers. You guys made this year a wonderful one for my game-writing "career". May you all have a blessed New Year. I got tons of future projects for next year but don't worry, you guys will know about that.

Till next time,
Paul Vhayste

Monday, December 15, 2008

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 guides released!

Yes, you've read it right. GUIDES. Well, they are actually mini-guides which will be part of the main guide I'll be working on. You can view them here. I will be working on a series of mini-guides until I finally finish the main walkthrough. Please visit regularly or better yet, subscribe to receive timely updates for my releases.

The guides currently uploaded are:

1. Fusion Forecast Guide
2. Skill Inheritance Guide
3. Special Fusions List
4. Unique Fusions List
5. Yasogami High School Map

More guides to follow.

And still no Last Remnant yet. *sigh*

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still alive and kickin.

Sorry for not updating this blog for over a month. I was having a self-imposed "game writing holiday" so I can play games leisurely without a pen and notebook beside me. I do that every now and then just to relax and enjoy gaming as it is meant to be.

Also, due to my recent promotion, I have less and less time for gaming not to mention, going online. Do not worry though, since I can promise that the quality of my guides won't be affected with these changes.

I have mentioned before that my country (Philippines) is probably one of those freakin countries with horrible logistics and postal service. I still haven't received Last Remnant which was sent to me during the first week of December. Persona4 is probably out but I don't know when I'll get it later. Well, maybe this is the best time to think that it is "better late than never."

See ya.