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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Major changes in Tales of Vesperia walkthrough

I just discovered that there's a lot of sidequests I have missed or haven't continued to the point that they're not doable anymore. I will just finish the main walkthrough and start a new game, hoping to sweep all possible sidequests and mini-events. There might be some major changes in the guide's layout since I'll be inserting new stuff but the main content will still stay the same.

I'll need to work on with the beastiary, artes list, titles list and many more after that. Well, let's see what happens next. Stay tuned!

If you want to hunt for the sidequests yourself, you may use these very helpful links:

Sidequests Faq (US)
Sidequests Faq (JP)


  1. Yeah everyone is having a hard time with the sidequests - one in particular which seems easy is the "scan all enemies" one. Turns out though, a lot of your bosses, if there's a 'cut' scene, you have to scan them both before AND after. Like I missed Zagi's 2nd entry, in the castle, and then everytime you do those 'tutorial fights' with those guards, you have to scan them, too. Pain in the butt.

  2. That's true Ryo. I am sure I already mentioned that in the guide but let me check again.

    As for the progress, I have already beaten the game and started an new playthrough. Everything is going smoothly. I just need to encode my notes to the guide and upload it as soon as possible.

  3. I read a story similar to this at:
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