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Friday, January 2, 2009

The Last Remnant PDF Walkthrough released!

Alright, the PDF guide for Xbox 360's The Last Remnant has been released. You can download free from IGN. It covers the main walkthrough up until before your first visit to Nagapur. The main story is disappointingly short and it seemed that the sidequests are even longer than the main plot. The guide contains the following:

1. Quickstart section
2. Main Walkthrough
3. Sidequests
4. Guild Tasks

These are still in the works so its pretty much a skeletal guide but I am sure new players will definitely appreciate the info and illustrated map the guide contains. If you want to view high-resolution and individual maps only, they can be downloaded from Chaptercheats.

More updates to follow in a few days' time.



  1. Good job with your guide!!
    What do you think of this game??
    Actually i'm in the 2 dvd...Just before the 6th battle at koenigsdorf...
    If u have a xbox live account can I add you?
    Mine's Xixato...

  2. Hehe, just starting with the 2nd Disc. The sidequests are taking an awful lot of time.

    I have Live but I don't go online that often. Mine's Paul Vhayste