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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Last Remnant PDF Walkthrough updated!

Version 1.1 of the guide has been released. Its coverage include the battles of the 6 bases and before going to Koenigsdorf. The Guild Tasks and Sidequest sections are udpated as well. The guide's composition is as follows:

1. Quickstart Guide
2. Main Walkthrough
3. Disc 1 Sidequests *complete*
4. Disc 2 Sidequests
5. Union of the Golden Chalice Guild Tasks
6. Sword of the Three Realms Guild Tasks
7. Ring of the Labyringth Guild Tasks

You may download the guide here.


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  1. Hi there thankyou for this guide i just brought The Last remnant and hate to skip bits or miss things so this will be helpful thanks