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Monday, December 29, 2008

Update: Last Remnant PDF guide release date

Sorry folks, but I have to adjust the release date of my PDF guide. I've been horribly busy these past few days... I can't even reply to some of the emailed questions. I can still promise to have something up before the year ends... I'll try Dec 31st here (GMT +8). I haven't ventured that far in the game's story yet since I am taking care of the sidequests first. Right now I haven't still entered Nagapur but I have cleared almost all of the sidequests available at the moment.

So far, I have uploaded some illustrated maps that you can use as you wait for the main guide; they are not much but will certainly be of good use for those who are just starting in the game.

And one more thing... those friggin' monslayer guild tasks are driving me nuts!?! &$#^&*Q^#@@!

A blessed new year to you all.

Paul Vhayste

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