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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Last Remnant (PDF) Walkthrough completed

Whew, at last!

The main walkthrough and the sidequests for both discs are completed. However, since I am really, really off my deadline, I am afraid I won’t be completing the Guild Tasks sections of this guide. If you wish to help me by adding the stuff I am missing, their rewards or tips how to get them, don’t hesitate to email me: I will respond to your email at the soonest time I can and also update the guide as long as I have compiled enough content, which should happen in a week’s time. Of course, you’ll have your name in the Credits section for everybody that is using this guide to see.

The guide's composition are as follows:

1. Quickstart Guide
2. Main Walkthrough *complete*
3. Disc 1 Sidequests *complete*
4. Disc 2 Sidequests *complete*
5. Union of the Golden Chalice Guild Tasks
6. Sword of the Three Realms Guild Tasks
7. Ring of the Labyringth Guild Tasks
8. Achievement List
9. Credits Section

You may download the guide here.

Since its the weekend, IGN will probably have the link updated on Monday so check it out by then.

I still have at least a full day off so I'll try to get as far as I can in Persona 4.



  1. Amazing walkthough!!! It helps me a lot and to have much more fun during the game. Thanks a million mate!

  2. Thanks dude....your walkthrough helping me so much....thousand thanks for your efford....!!!!!