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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vhayste's Most Awaited titles for 2008 (Xbox360)

8. Halo Wars
I am not a solid Halo fan but I will be a hypocrite if I denied that I didn't enjoy all three games. In this sequel, players won't take control of Master Chief, but armies, vehicles and other hardware to battle the Covenant. I am hoping that this RTS works well on the 360.

7. Left for Dead
This zombie-vs-humans shooter offers two controllable factions. Yes, players can also play as highly intelligent zombies in an attempt to get a taste fresh, struggling meat. Not to mention that Valve (Half-Life, Counterstrike) is behind this promising survival-horror-shooter title.

6. Fable 2
I haven't played Fable 1 yet but I heard from friends that the first installment was a blast. Jumping with the bandwagon, I hope I get the same craving sensation to play this game.

5. Dead Space
If you own a 360 then you must have seen the trailers and teasers of this space themed survival-horror title. The idea of attempting to survive alone in space inside an alien-infested ship is enough to give you chills and thrills to get this game.

4. Fallout 3
Like Fable, I still haven't played the first two installments of the game but the EGM article covering this has convinced me to eagerly wait and watch out for this one.

3. Resident Evil 5
I've been a casual player of Resident Evil and enjoyed it very much. A next gen installment of this popular series will be greatly accepted by its fans for sure. I am expecting more intelligent and aggressive zombies for a change!

2. Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Star Ocean: Second Story was my all-time favorite game. A Star Ocean title for the 360 is definitely a dream come true for the solid fans of the series. Go Square Enix!

1. Gears of War 2
Aha! The original Gears of War is still strong even if its already years after release. The developers have promised "bigger, better and more badass" features for multiplayer.

List based from IGN

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