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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Persona 3 FES FULL Walkthrough released! (At last)

Sorry for the long delay guys, especially to those that waited for this release. So, after skipping work and going through almost 20 hours straight, I have finished the guide. Now, with 194 pages, it covers the following:
  • Main Walkthrough
  • The Answer Walkthrough
  • Locations
  • Social Links
  • Weapon Fusion list
  • Fusion Spell List
  • Elizabeth's Requests
With convenience in mind, I was able to make this guide compact (About 10MB) without sacrificing quality. So, grab it free at! So I am off for my next project(s). I will be covering Persona 4 once the English version is released on December so watch out for that! Later guys.


Note: This is an IGN Exclusive walkthrough; no other sites are allowed to post this guide and if you happen to see this anywhere else, kindly inform me.

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