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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Play-Asia: Tales of Vesperia (English language Version) now available!

During the last few months, me and S (IGN Faqs) are trying to figure out how will I cover Tales of Vesperia. Since the game is bound to be released in the US, my main problem is that it may be incompatible with my asian Xbox 360. I even attempted to buy a bargain US console to cover the game once it is released. Thank goodness Namco will release the English language Asian version of the game on August 14. What's more delighting is that it will be available at

That wraps it up actually. I will cover the game so expect another exclusive PDF guide on your way! You may check out my homepage or subsribe to my blog to get the latest updates about my projects and updates. For the best resources for Tales of Vesperia, you can visit



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