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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Star Ocean Last Hope PDF walkthrough updated!

Right... just finished and uploaded the most recent version of the PDF guide. The latest addition is the complete guide to the Cave of the Seven Stars. I find completing the Wandering Dungeon as too time consuming, considering that I already invested 100+ hours in the game so I'll just add it when I have free time.

You may download it here and the high-resolution maps here.

I will be spending the next few days catching up with the deadline of my contractual project so there could be no new free guides to be released in the coming weeks. I guess.

~~ Paul


  1. Thanks for the update. and the screen there is priceless.

  2. This is great stuff!! I'd like to thank you for doing these great guides.

    Your Tales of Vesperia walkthrough/FAQ was a great help and I'm going to be using your Last Remnant guide starting tomorrow as I start playing that game.

    Now if only I can find the Asian English version of Star Ocean 4 here in Manila, I'll be downloading this one as well.