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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Updated: Star Ocean Last Hope PDF Walkthrough

Hello gang. The updated version of the guide has just been released. It now covers everything from the start to just before the clearing the Grigori from En II's Sanctuary. You may download the guide here. Don't forget to check out the new hi-res maps as featured in the guide.

* Just signed the contract *

Yep, I just signed the contract to write gaming guides for a site. Those guides are NOT free but since I am getting paid for those, I will put extra effort to make them worth it. If I don't have any assignments, I may release free IGN exclusives or even bother making independent releases. Maybe.

Thanks to those that supported me so far; just by saying simple 'Thank you's' is enough to ease the effort, time and resources I've spent on the guides.



  1. Hi! Thanks for the best walkthroughs available in the internet. As for your business option, I think you are correct in making money out of your effort! I wish you the best of luck in your new job.

  2. Thank you, Yutaro. I was already expecting a few negative comments for doing this. But oh well, this is rare opportunity after all.

  3. Good luck my friend. Out of curiosity will you be telling us where you are making guides for? I am pretty sure some of us you like your guides so much probably would follow.

  4. @Rebel: Thank you mate. I will be writing for They specialize in writing guides for MMORPG games, but just started to cover consoles as well.

    I will be covering Fallout 3, for xbox 360 and for the PC.