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Friday, April 17, 2009

Another year older.

Yep, just turned a year older today. I will be giving away two discount coupons from Play-asia worth $5 dollars each ($50 minimum purchase). Sorry, that's only what I can afford at the moment. Kindly use my affiliate link when ordering.

The numbers below are on the first come, first serve basis. If any of these two doesn't work anymore when you use it, that means somebody already used it before you. The expiration date of these coupons will be on April 25, 2009. I will be giving away similar discount coupon numbers in the future, so watch out for those!

Thank you!


Now, to test ride my new bike. It's not your mighty beautiful and expensive big bikes... just a medium underbone to be used for medium-long travels. My Honda XRM I christened as Faragut.


  1. Well happy birthday, and the main question is what is the new bike?

  2. Thanks man. Just posted a pic of it.

  3. Happy birthday from me too...
    I've just read that you've signed your contract to write guide so good luck for your next works...