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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tales of the Abyss PDF guide now available!

Since I'll be getting Vesperia in a few days, I've decided to write a walkthrough for the PS2 game, Tales of the Abyss. I just wanted to get a little refresher course since both titles have the same battle system and similar in depth and complexity of the storylines. You can download it free in IGN or view it online in Chaptercheats. It covers all sidequests and extra stuff up until the rescue of Natalia and Ion in Daath.

It will most likely coincide with Tales of Vesperia but I'll try my best to cover as much as I can and release the full version as well.

Progress Report:

Tales of Vesperia (X360) - I have purchased the signature guide from Brady Games so I have already started with the basics section of the walkthrough. I am also compiling all extras in one nice list; however, I will still include them during the main walkthrough so you won't miss it. I can start working on the walkthrough immediately as soon as I get the game.

Final Fantasy 4 (DS) - My partner and co-writer for this game, Mogg 13-42 has already written half of the guide. Now I am just continuing from where she left off.


  1. Hi there, you might not remember me, but I asked you in March or April if you are going to continue the Tales of the Abyss guide and you said you probably will start in May. Will it is August and I am wondering are you still working on this project. I would be really happy if you have some free time and work on this game because your guide is the best guide ever, it is so comprehensive. Anyway I hope you can still work on this, but its cool if you are not. Thanks

  2. Hey there, after looking around for a good Tales of the Abyss walkthrough, I found this on IGN. It's a really awesome and helpful walkthrough, but it ended shortly after Luke starting being completely likable. I was wondering if you'll finish this eventually, as I cannot find a walkthrough as thorough and completionist-friendly as this one.

  3. Oh wow. Was just using your walkthru for this game, but only realize that it stopped during the rescue. Do you know if this will be completed? If not, it was very helpful up to that point. ^^

  4. Hi guys! I'm really glad that you found the guide helpful. As much as I don't want backlogs, I'm afraid I won't be able to finish it anymore since my PS2 broke down for almost 1 1/2 years now. I wanted to have it repaired and all but unfortunately, I'll be tied up with more recent projects this year. Sorry to disappoint you guys...

  5. @vhayste

    Hi vhayste, your Guide is really helpful, good designed and easy to go read! I hope you will finish it someday... maybe with the Emulator PCSX2 and your personal copied PS2 ISO of TotA? I'm playing TotA with PCSX2 right now.

    I really hope so and good luck to you!

    Greetings from Berlin

  6. hi, my english is so bad, only have to say you thank you so much, its really helpfull
    i finish the guide and now i dont know what i lost, jejeje

    thank again and really really good job

  7. Hey vhayste,

    your walkthrough of TotA is awesome. But please please please complete it. I'm playing it on the 3DS right now.
    One of the best games ever!

    Greetings from Landshut (Bavaria, Germany)

  8. Hi vhayste, I really enjoy you walkthroughs and hope you will finish Tales of the abyss.