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Monday, September 15, 2008

Tales of Vesperia PDF walkthrough released!

At long last! I received the game last Sep 5 and started working on it as soon as possible. The walkthrough has 70 pages. (10MB). It covers up until the start of the Sands of Kogorh. Secret Missions and items are carefully tagged for your convenience. A comprehensive Quickstart section is included as well. You can download this free from IGN.


Sidenote: This is going to be a pretty long faq. I hope it doesn't go over 200 pages or even reach 40MB. 10MB is already compressed. The actual size of the guide in MS Word is 24.2MB.


  1. LOL, it stops exactly where I am! It looks wonderful though, and I'll definitely use it my next playthrough! Thanks for all the hard work.

  2. I'll try to post updates as soon as available man. But of course my playthrough is a lot slower since I still need to work on the guide after playing and vice-versa.

    I'll try my best to provide the most complete content I can give.

  3. Any updates yet?

    Your guide is the best one available online and I could definitely use some help.

  4. TJ,

    I have already submitted the latest version of the guide to IGN. It covers up to the spirit hunting part of the game. I have stopped in Northern Tolbyccia.

    I usually update at least a week's time. You can a little later once IGN updates the one posted in their site.