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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crimson Gem Saga PDF walkthrough released

Hi Guys,

Its been a while since I've released a free guide so here's a treat for you all. You can download the PDF guide for Crimson Gem Saga from the following links:


It is still not yet finished but I am hoping to complete it before the month ends.

IGN has also assigned me to cover Final Fantasy Dissidia so I'll probably work on it during the weekends and release a draft early next week.

For the meantime, I am currently working heavily on the Kinah and Chanter guides for the most anticipated MMORPG of this year... Aion. Due to the some major name changes, the Kinah guide will undergo a major facelift while the Chanter guide is... well an guaranteed, extensive guide for building and powerleveling your Chanter.

Unfortunately these guides are contract projects of, which means I have no right to distribute it free. You may purchase it from them though.



  1. I did purchase "AION" guide from killerguides. After paying for my order and downloading the guides i was totally pissed off with what they claim is to be a guide.

    To me it is a total rip-off of what you can get for free from NCsoft website.

    Instead of a guided walkthrough based on how to power level you game avatar they sell the basic beginners guide.

    I had pre-ordered my game from, since i could not participate in the close beta event.
    I was eager to get my hands on the game walkthrough before its official release date 22nd Sept 2009.

    For the same token, i order a similar guide from another website which claimed that you could power level a game character to level 50 within three days.
    He is a player and a very honest chap from the looks of it.

    I ordered my guide and followed the instructions and it did not work as stated in his homepage.

    I wrote to him and to the company which is in charge of the online transactions and he refunded me the full amount i paid.

  2. Hmmnn... what guide did you purchase? As far as I know, most of the guides for Aion are still on their "unfinished" status yet since the full game is yet to be released. For the guides I'm working on for example, I was required to at least get some content to at least LV20 since I did have time to play only during the last three betas.

    I have until October 22nd to get some content up to level 50. And since most of the free guides you can see from the net are up to LV20, you'll really have the feeling that its a rip off.

    Sorry if you're feeling that way but personally, I don't really think you can power level in days. Even if that means you play 24 hours a day, there are some factors in the game like group quests (unless you have your own crew to help you level grind) that will require others people's help.

  3. Jsut wanted to say thanks v much for your Magna Carta 2 guide!