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Monday, August 31, 2009


Hi guys,

I know its been a while so I'll just be posting to give you some new updates. First of all, I just want to be thankful that I am still alive right now after my motorcycle crashed into a Toyota Corolla when I was going home from work. Fortunately, my speed and angle of impact isn't that severe to cause too much damage to myself, my mc and the other car. I won't get into the details but at least it proves how important wearing a helmet and protective jacket or armor can do for you. I suffered no scratches nor wounds just minor beatings to certain parts of my body, particularly my left shoulder, foot, side and arm. I was thrown six feet away from my mc after the impact and my armor and helmet took most of the beating. My injuries won't be that minor if it weren't for my protective gear. This is my first accident and it is really an eye-opener for me.

And so there you have it. My advise to my fellow bikers/ riders? Don't underestimate the benefits of wearing helmets and protective gears can do for you. Even if you're just traveling a short distance, it pays to be cautious. As you can see, even if you're a safe driver, accidents happen to everybody - no exemptions.

- Just finished the kinah guide for Aion for Levels 1-20. I am now waiting for the game's full release in late September to work on the remaining levels... which will surely take a hell lot of time.

- Currently working on a free PDF guide for the PSP game "Crimson Gem Saga". I may release the first draft later this week.

- I won't be working on a Persona PSP guide for Double Jump books anymore because of the several complications:
  • The pre-release copy of the game requires OFW (official firmware) 5.55. As you know, my PSP has CFW (custom firmware) and it won't play the pre-release iso DJBooks sent me. Remember that all new games released will require OFW 5.55 as an anti-piracy move by Sony.
  • CFW 5.55 is still currently being developed by a professional team of PSP hackers and it may be inbound next week.
  • In order to play the game, I need an unmodded PSP Slim. Why? The screenshot plugins I use to take in-game screenshots require CFWs. To take screenshots in unmodded PSPs, you'll need the video out function of the PSP Slim and connect it to a video capture card on your PC. (Which I have, Gamebridge used originally for the PS2)
  • The deadline for the Persona PSP guide should be today. However, due to time constraints they're assigning the project to another author.
So there you go... I am really an unlucky guy this month. I've lost a project, got myself a broken MC, haven't paid my debts yet, need to pay my brother's college tuition and handle the monthly expenses.

Thanks to Darren B for his recent donation :)

Take care guys. Be thankful of little things... like being alive. It's priceless!


  1. Thank god, you are OK and only got away with a injured pride and minor scratches.

    I live Thailand due to my current work assignment and here i get to see so many MC accidents daily.

    I sometime see whole families get wiped out due to the way they abuse the use of a MC.

    Plus, most Thai and Expat riders do not wear protective gears and they just die like flies.

    Just hope that your luck changes for the better.

  2. glad your okay man. Smart of you to be safe. Also sorry about you losing the persona project..but bad news is that the CFW is a fake.

  3. Thanks Wulfbane... I guess I was really lucky and blessed to escape only a few minor injuries. We have a strict law with regard to wearing protective gears but there's still a handful of idiots not wearing any protection and drive like they own the road. I pray that this horrible "phase" in my life passes on.

    Xemnas: Thanks man. Yeah, I am kind of disappointed about the flow of things but at least in the brighter side, I can write a guide for Persona for free probably... unless another website or company decides to hire me :)