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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Aion starting next week!

Guys, since Aion will be released next week, I just want to say that I'll be playing as myself in the Oceanic server Nezekan. I'll be an Elyos Chanter there.

In the other hand, I'll also play as an Asmodian Templar probably on any of the US servers so if you're playing the game and if you want to hang out, you can just give me a ping.

In any case, I will also get a new laptop next week. I am expecting it to help me expedite my guide writing for here on, eliminating the pen-paper-encode routine.

I will be releasing an update for Final Fantasy Dissidia by Monday. Crimson Gem Saga is currently on temporary hold since I need to prioritize contractual and exclusive projects before my indie works.

That's it for this week... stay tuned :)


  1. When i return home next month for my visa renewal i will be able to pick-up my game order from

    Hope by then my order has been delivered to my residence.

    I have about a month to read up as much as i can before jumping into the game.

    Who knows i may even bum into you. See you ingame, happy hunting m8.

  2. Hi mate.

    I have decided to create an Asmodian Templar in the US server Ariel. I am also playing as a Chanter in the Oceanic server Nezekan.

    I hope to see you in any of those servers :)

  3. of course you choose to play asmodian and i am play elyos. so i guess it help me kill asmodians lol. i am on zikel server east