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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some news... that at least made my day.

Hi guys,

Im almost done with the 1-month long Kinah Guide for the MMO Aion. The last closed beta has finished last Monday and expect to see me when the game has been fully released. You'll know me as the generous Chanter or Cleric that will help your sorry ass in danger in case I'm around.
And so I'll just update this blog to let you guys know that I'm still alive. I am planning to go on hiatus maybe after I win our national lottery. If I win.

As for Persona PSP, the original plan was to work on it early this month. However, things didn't go as smoothly as expected so me and my publisher (Doublejump Books) have requested Atlus for a pre-release UMD of the game. No news of it yet.

Also, as I posted on my last blog, my Xbox 360 died because of the recent XBL update. It seems that it may happen on very remote occasions only and it just happened that I am that lucky guy. Now the money I saved to buy a new laptop or PS3 will be used to buy a replacement 360. Damn it.

Here are some of the news I've seen that at the least, made my day:

Persona 3 coming to PSP with new female character

Persona/ Shin Megami Tensei is probably the series I really loved the most. The details are slim but I really hope that they incorporate some of Persona 4's features. Is there any chance that we can also play as a nameless, female lead? I wonder. In any case, one thing is for sure. Since this is a port, expect added features and extras.

PS3 SLim to be released in the first week of September

It's been a long rumor that came true. Actually, its one of the worst kept secrets that are easily leaked and smuggled. Heck, the first PS3 slim I've seen on the market is sold here in the Philippines since early June. I just don't know if its the real deal though. In any case, I personally liked the slim design, as well as the lesser amount of power it consumes and the lesser space it needs.

PS3 Price Drop Confirmed
For me that waited for a price drop since the console's launch, this is really great news. The only bad thing is that the money I saved to buy a PS3 will be used to get a replacement 360.

At that's all for the meantime folks. I promise to post something up once I've recollected my splattered thoughts because of grinding and lack of sleep. Ciao.


  1. Some details on persona ps3

    -Choose between male or female
    -5 difficulty levels
    -Changes to Minato (the guy's) story
    -Only the Journey...not the answer
    -New Music
    -changes to accommodate the girl.

  2. Thanks Xemnas. I will certainly love this :D