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Friday, March 20, 2009

Coming soon *updated* 3/26

Update 3/26:

Yep, I just got Star Ocean: Last Hope yesterday and I am already working nonstop to get it posted by the end of the week. Yes, it's a rush job but don't worry; I assure you the quality of the guide won't be affected. You guys know how I work, right? :)

I am targeting to post a release announcement early next week, so keep your fingers crossed kiddos. Thank you for visiting :)

Coming soon:

~~ Vhayste
Sorry guys for not updating anything for the past weeks. Sadly, Star Ocean 4 hasn't arrived yet even if it was shipped last Feb.26. I will posting something on Monday or Tuesday, since I will be doing some projects during the weekends. I am glad to announce that I have acquired MOST of the games listed on my wishlist, primarily for the DS so watch out for that. I've spend the past few weeks playing Fallout3 and after 3 playthroughs, I was able to get the full score (1000 pts) for the core game.

I'll keep you posted guys. See ya.



  1. Hi Vhayste!!!
    I'd really liked to play persona 4 but i haven't a ps2...too bad!!!!!!
    Good work 4 your guide!!!
    Is it worth to buy Fallout 3?
    Here it's 40 euros...and is a bit too much for my pockets...

  2. Hey mate, you should get a PS2 and enjoy some of the greatest titles that ever hit the platform. It should be affordable by now.

    Fallout 3 is worth it man. You'll really enjoy hours and hours of playtime. You may want to check out some gameplay videos to see if you'll like the game or not.

  3. Hey man, I just gotta say that your guides/walkthroughs are top-notch, I'd rather trust your words than anyone else'.
    Is it necessary to play Persona's predecessors before playing 4? I've been thinking about that coz right now I'm considering between getting a PS2 or 360. Something to think about for me there.

    Quite a few great DS games that were out this past month, I'm looking to play at least one of those myself :D

  4. HI Vhayste . . didnt know your a filipino . . . make Filipino proud ^^ . . . i just wanted to ask if your still going to update The Last Remnant walkthrough?

  5. @psychohare: Thank you, mate. Well, Persona 4 is a standalone story; it is not directly related to the previous games but it does have some scenes directly referenced from P3. I haven't played that many Shin Megami Tensei titles (I only played a total of four) but so far, all of them have different stories but all share the same and oftentimes, enhanced mechanics.

    The PS2 should be mighty cheap by now and if you can, I'll suggest that you get a PS2 and a 360. The PS2 has a treasure trove of great titles, that I can assure you.

    @Froilan: Thanks man. Just doing my part in my own, small way. The guide is open for updates but I don't see any need to modify the main walkthrough. I just left the guild tasks uncompleted since I was really appalled by the game and just finished the main walkthrough to be done with it. Sorry.