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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Persona 4 PDF Walkthrough completed

EDIT (03/03/09):

The link should working now. Somehow when I submitted my guide last Friday, it didn't make it to their weekly deadline. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Whew at last! This is as complete as it gets. The "True Ending" has been completed. Post-game Notes section is also added. You may download the walkthrough here. Also, as a bonus, I have uploaded a compilation of the raw scans from the P4 artbook. You may download it here.

The guide has 171 pages and 9.5MB large. Pretty compact, eh?

Also... I can't believe most of you guys have the same taste as mine... I love Yukiko. Though I would take home Margaret if ever Yukiko is not around. *smirk*

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  1. Hey, I did not see it mentioned in the walkthrough but you can exchange the prize stickers in shopping district south at the mailbox (next to Diadara's).
    3 stickers. I don't know yet what it gets me though.

    Next to that: on 9/29 I had Hierophant available (Naoto saved, Justice maxed (just in case it might matter)).

    Thanks for an excellent walktrough. I

  2. Mailbox 3 stickers:
    Plentiful combo -> Amrita soda x1.
    Rare Combo -> don't know yet

  3. Wow, incredible work, I appreciate it, really (sorry about I can't donate now, no job....)
    I want to thank in advance for the Last Remnant guide, when it comes to the PC
    Yukiko looks like the girl I like, that's my why xD

  4. @Rinz: I think I have mentioned it somewhere in the guide... if not, I'll try to insert it on the next major update. Thanks!

    @Luiz: No worries mate, thanks.

    Yukiko is pretty much the ideal girl after all so it's not a surprise many guys will fall for her.

  5. Yukiko has long black hair. What more do I want? :+

    Another thing I did not spot in the walkthrough: if you run out of bait walk up the road at Do Jima's house and the women there will give 1 bait per day.

  6. Hi, just wondering, whenever I click on the new download link for the complete guide, it always goes to the Feb 24th one and I can't seem to view the newest version of this fabulous guide, is something wrong with my computer???

  7. @Jamesy: The link should working now. Somehow when I submitted my guide last Friday, it didn't make it to IGN's weekly deadline. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  8. You are missing quest 19 at the end where you wrote down all the quests (18 is on 1 page; next page shows 20).

    Page 56:

    - Quiz 19: Acquire Silver Lump available
    Head to the Practice Building 1F. Talk to the same guy that requested the Ritz Wire before. Defeat Silver Dice
    enemies on the 7th and 8th floors of the Marukyu Striptease to obtain this item.

    - You called it Quiz maybe that's why?

    Just trying to make this even better of a walkthrough than it already is :)

    Excellent work!

  9. Yo AHL here, I was just wondering if you are working on the Tales of Abyss walkthrough. Anyway I really appreciate your work Thanks

  10. @Rinz: Thanks for pointing that out man. I think its an honest mistake. I'll look into it and update it as necessary. Thanks again.

  11. Just helping out that's all ;-)
    If my small comments make it even better I am all for it!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. That's because Yukiko is the innocent Anime/Manga girl of our dreams, like the perfect match, cute (that laughing tick), good looking, honest and of course these school uniforms rock it.

    Oh, and your Guide for P4 is an amazing work, can't wait to try the P3 one. Keep going!