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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Walkthroughs released!

At last folks, my first major update of the year. Please see the updates below:

Star Ocean: Last Hope PDF Walkthrough released!

The guide covers up to the entrance of the Cardianon Control Tower. A quickstart/basics section has been added as well for new players. And how about a nice cover to start it all?

You can download the PDF guide exclusively here.

Since I need to compress the images on my guide, the quality of the maps may be affected as well. They are readable but what if you can download those maps individually, in high resolution?

Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume Walkthrough Released!

The walkthrough is in the conventional text format. It covers up to Chapter 3, with all branches taken. A Character Guide section has been included as well for reference. You may download the file here.

Fallout 3: Behemoth Hunting Guide, Bobblehead Locations Guide (PDF) released!


Behemoth Hunting Guide
Bobblehead Locations Guide

Persona 4 PDF Walkthrough Updated!

And finally, *probably* the last update of the SMT: Persona 4 PDF walkthrough. I have added two new sections (Fishing and TV Shopping) and made some minor corrections pointed out by readers (thanks guys.) You may download it here.

That's it folks. Till the next update!



  1. Thanks Vhayste. Been waiting for your Last Hope guide. and the Valkyrie Profile is just an added bonus.

  2. You're welcome man :) Making those maps in SO is time-consuming already so I haven't ventured that far in the game yet.

  3. I am a bit a head of you right now but thankfully I can go back and grab anything I missed. and I can only imagine the time for those maps so thanks again.