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Monday, February 2, 2009

Walkthrough updates

Persona 4 PDF walkthrough updated!

The guide now covers all events up to 7/16. Of course the Quest and Social Link sections has been updated as well. You may download the guide here.

Star Ocean: Second Departure PDF walkthrough updated!

The guide's coverage is right before you fight the Psynard in North City. As mentioned before, the walkthrough is written with Claude as the main hero. It also contains detailed steps on how to get the following characters:

1. Ashton
2. Opera
3. Bowman
4. Precis
5. Welch
6. Ernest

Expect more updates in a few days' time. You may download the guide here. If you can't see the updated versions, please try again a little later since I just uploaded them after a few hours ago.



  1. thanks for all your hard work i love your guides. i look forward to the complete second evo guide and the valkyrie profile when that comes out

  2. Thanks mate. I'll do my best to make it as comprehensive as possible.

  3. hi vhayste! always looking forward to your detailed walkthroughs! anyway, i am currenlty addicted to sose. as the game progressed i bumped into yoole (hilton) and clyde (town of krosse). i PA'd in hilton and met yoole and eventually ran into zandor??

    i wanted to know who both these characters are. thanks!

  4. @shokthong: I really like to find out myself but I just did minimal private actions in my playthrough. I am sure though that they are only available during private actions and won't have any major impact in the game.