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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Star Ocean: First Departure (PSP) PDF walkthrough updated! (11/9)

My PDF walkthrough for the game has been updated. You may use the download link found in my previous post. It covers everything in the game, including the optional dungeon, the Cave of the Seven Stars. Puzzle solutions are included as well. This will be my final release of the guide unless there are some major changes that needs to implemented.



  1. hey dude,
    this is a awesome game guide website of urs! im glad that i have found it. your guide is really a detailed and scrupulous piece of art! haha! thanks again!
    however ur latest version of the complete star oceans guide is not uploaded yet to ign. or is it because i went to the wrong place to download?
    ur new fans (i have just added ur blog in my favourite =) )

  2. Hey Paul,

    Awesome walkthrough guide. but i have stumble upon a problem. On page 20 of your guide, i can't seem to meet Loshua near Purgatorium (the hidden entrance). I followed your guide but i didn't meet him to go into the entrance. Did i missed something or did you do something that triggered the scene w/ him????


  3. hi there i have a problem finding the exit on silvalant dungeon. there are some hints like "true path lies in the shadow" and "true path cant reveal itself in the light" but i cant find the way out? can u pls help me? thanx in advance

  4. hi there. i cant find the exit at the van dungeon, there are some hints like "the true path shall not reveal itself in the light", true path lies in the shadow" and where there is light there is shadows" but i cant find the way out? please help me solve the puzzle. thanks a lot. more power to you.