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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Latest Update!

Yep, its been a while. I have finally finished my contractual project for Fallout 3 and I am expecting it to be released online today in So if you are looking for a comprehensive walkthrough that covers all three DLCs and dedicated sections for sidequests, miscellaneous quests, etc, you may purchase the guide for around $25.99 (if Im not mistaken) Since I can't really leave the "free guides" scene, I have written separate walkthroughs for Fallout DLCs and a Unique Weapons guide that will assist you in collecting most, if not all, unique weapons in the game. You can download them using the links provided below:

Fallout 3
Operation Anchorage Walkthrough
The Pitt Walkthrough
Broken Stell Walkthrough
Unique Weapons Guide

In the other hand, Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume for the DS is already completed, though I am still inclined to update it since, like the previous VP game for the PSP, this game also has three endings, depending on how you progressed through the plot so I am in my second playthrough verifying that.


And finally, thank you to Ivar of Norway for his generous donation. (He was the *first* one that actually donated so I am quite surprised and equally thankful) - I really appreciate it. So if you guys have been stroked with a bit of kindness, your support will be greatly appreciated!

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