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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Persona 3 Portable PDF released!

You can download this exclusive PDF guide from IGN. As for my next project, IGN has assigned Y's Seven, a JRPG for the PSP. The game garnered positive reviews and as far as the images and gameplay videos are concerned I've seen, it looks pretty promising.

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  1. Hola sólo quiero agradecer por tan buena guía.
    Thanks for your guide.

  2. You're welcome :) Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Have been searching for same topic as you ave here, so great I found your post. I have related my research work to this post and therefore helped it arrrive at an accurate conclusion. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  4. You sir are a genius! :D

  5. Your Tales of Vesperia guide saved my life. Better than everything else out there. I know it's hard to maintain a blog and write these guides alone, but keep up the hard work, I love it, thanks so much!