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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Update at last?

Hi guys,

How are ye? Well the holidays are coming and there are hell lot of games released and choose from. I've been on a long hiatus from writing guides because of my dragging contractual projects (which is still UNFINISHED) so to avoid getting bored, I have accepted a long due exclusive project from IGN. Thanks to our notoriously fast postal service, I received the game that was sent last 10/29 just a few days ago. In any case, let me wrap up a few stuff that happened while I was gone.

  • Remember my 360 that got 3RL'd for the second time? Well its alive again. Had to pay $24 for a local technician to defrib it back to life. Suck that MS, looks like I won't be buying a new 360 anytime soon.
  • I am getting a PS3 this afternoon so I'll get the chance that I can play online (free) with my friends through the PSN network. Its a used 320GB, Japan model.
  • Magna Carta 2 is my next exclusive and even if it garnered a not-so-appreciative review scores, I am willing to try it out. I've been a few hours in the game and I haven't found any major turnoffs... yet. Well I hope its not as lame and boring as The Last Remnant.
That's it for now and I hope you're all well as you read this. Ciao!


  1. Awesome you got a ps3 eh? do you plan on trying the ps3 version of Vesperia?

  2. Hi Xemnas,

    Nah, I think I'll pass. I'll try the PS3 exclusives I wanted to play ever since. Resistance 1&2, Valkyria Chronicles, MGS4, Uncharted 1&2, etc.

  3. Hey is there a chance that this is finished or near on the way im really stuck on the game, and i found your last remnant guide helpful before :)

    - Stuart