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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tales of Vesperia (English language Version) delayed

I hate it when Play-Asia does this; they have moved the release date for 2 weeks. So there goes my plans for an advanced walkthrough before the US release. And there goes my planned exclusive review for xbox360achievements.

So with all the delays and stuff, I am planning on writing a walkthrough for another DS game for the meantime; I am thinking of Final Fantasy IV, (omg, I can't believe I am going mainstream now) Summon Night - Twin Age or Etrian Odyssey II. These are just plans though; I have finished the World Ends with You walkthrough in less than a week anyway.

Also, its been a long delayed plan now to write a walkthrough for one of most admired and treasured games for the PS2, Xenosaga. I am planning to write up a walkthrough for Episode I-III. I don't have tentative dates though since I still need to do a lot of stuff like manually converting the PDF guides to text format so my walkthroughs can be available to most gaming sites. But of course, PDF guides still deliver the best quality in walkthroughs. And its still free.

Btw, the download links of the Army of Two PDF walkthrough is now updated. You can check my previous blog entry. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks!


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